Human Resource Analyst in charge of Compensation and Staff Unit
Job Location : Puntland
Job Details

The Human Resource Analyst (Compensation and Staff Unit) is charged with ensuring analysis of salary rates and benefits and ensuring the terms and condition of service stipulated in the Civil Service Policies and the Code of Conduct for the civil service are adhered to. He/she will also communicate, inform and clarify issues pertaining to the civil service benefits programs. He/she will also ensure that the civil service remains competitive by researching and providing benchmarking data on compensation and benefits. The incumbent is mandated with improving staff retention in the Ministry and advising the Ministry of best practice measures.


The duties and responsibilities of the HR Analyst, Compensation and Conditions of Service will be to:
•Ensure the MINISTRY/PCSC/OOP’s employment and working conditions comply to the legal stipulations
•Administer and coordinate employment analysis studies in relation to compensation, leave, benefits and payroll administration processes
•Support the socialization or orientation programs for new hires
•Facilitate and support the development, implementation, and day-to-day management of the labour and employee relations component of the Ministry
•Collect and analyse data on compensation and conditions of service of employees in the MINISTRY/PCSC/OOP
•Address operational issues related to pay/salary and salary reimbursement and prepare new salary structure of employees for increment based on performance appraisal
•Review the annual compensation and benefits budget plan
•Prepare monthly cost budget/actual variance analysis, reporting and communication to various functions within the MINISTRY/PCSC/OOP
•Ensure reward and compensation policies are adhered to
•In collaboration with the HR analysts in the MINISTRY/PCSC/OOP, prepare Ministry-wide awareness sessions on salary review processes
•Custodian of all HR records and management of the payroll in the Ministry •Support in ensuring each staff has a job description
•Follow up with the MINISTRY/PCSC/OOP, and ensure an employee relationship management system is in place in the Ministry to assist in communications between staff, corrective action and planning, disciplinary actions, complaints, explanations, and clarification
•Ensure the MINISTRY/PCSC/OOP has a health and safety policy in place
•Provide recommendations on how to develop a culture that recognizes the importance of connecting performance to rewards
•Recommend suitable employee assistance programs to be implemented by the MINISTRY/PCSC/OOP and develop a cost-benefit analysis for the program to guide management
•Charged with ensuring employees’ personal files are up-to-date and safely stored
•Maintain employee records (attendance, absenteeism, etc.) per regulation and legal requirements and develop a simple leave management system for tracking and managing employee absence, leave days, paid time-off, etc.
•Support the management of disciplinary and grievance issues, track HR interventions, counselling and motivate employees by ensuring proper time keeping and staff attendance record is kept daily
•Support in identifying training and development programs for staff in the MINISTRY/PCSC/OOP
•Ensure each staff has been provided with a code of conduct policy handbook and ensure the sanctions policy is adhered to (monitor staff discipline and take necessary action against misbehaving staff)
•In charge of administration, communication and analysis of benefit programs in the Ministry (retirement, wellness programs, education benefit, day-care benefit, disability, leave/vacation, alternative work arrangements, flexible time, etc)
•Charged with conducting annual employee opinion/satisfaction surveys
•Charged with education/learning on, and implementation of, insurance programs provided by the civil service (healthcare, medical, accident insurance, etc.)
•In collaboration with the other HR Analysts in the ministry, develop, manage and monitor the HR dashboard (including key performance indicators and key metrics like turnover, absenteeism, salary averages and gender ratio in the ministry)
•Analyse human capital risks in the MINISTRY/PCSC/OOP (critical skills in the workforce via alignment of pay, compensation, labour relations, and insurance) and develop risk mitigation strategies
•Support in facilitating the team building activities
•Generate adhoc reports and provide data in the form of analytics
•Participate in other responsibilities as required or assigned by the Head of HRM Section.

Qualification and Duties

•To perform human resource administrative work and provide data analytics of various human resource programs and initiatives
•To provide subject-matter training and support to staff on HR business processes and implement HR modules in line with the laid regulations
•To implement recommended actions on HR related compliance areas


Human Resource Analyst in charge of Compensation and Staff Unit