Human Resource Analyst, Training and Career Management Unit
Job Location : Puntland
Job Details

The Human Resource Analyst (Training and Career Management) is charged with designing, developing and facilitating training and development initiatives in the Ministry. He/she will provide relevant input in managing each staff’s career development initiatives


The duties and responsibilities of the HR Analyst, Training and Career Management will be to: •Coordinate the training needs assessment for all staff
•Work with managers/supervisors to develop proactive training plans for each staff that will prepare the Ministry in meeting its current and future business objectives.
•Schedule training and development programmes for all staff
•Provide subject-matter training to employees on various topics on the assigned functions
•Assist in developing the training curriculum (short term, medium-long term, continuous, on the job, executive leadership training) and assist in development of training materials
•Support the socialization or orientation programs of new employees
•Compile data and analyse past and current year training requirements
•Assist in ensuring that all staff have job descriptions
•Develop career plans and review career goals, including identifying learning and special skills training for each staff in the Ministry
•Support the development and implementation of HR initiatives and systems •Assist in performance management processes by: (i) Ensuring the performance management system is utilized in the Ministry and learning sessions are provided to enable all staff understand the benefits of performance management, and (ii) Ensuring each staff’s performance appraisal is undertaken annually
•On a regular basis, review the competency model of the MINISTRY/PCSC/OOP with the concerned supervisors
•Support in the identification of scarce/rare skills and propose a mentor for each of these critical talent pool as part of succession planning
•Ensure adherence to the policies and procedures laid out in the coaching and mentoring manual and that each staff is aligned to a coach
•Ensure the promotion and transfers regulation is adhered to, including regulations governing internal and external mobility, transfers and demotions
•Collect and analyse data on training and career management in the Ministry
•Ensure that records are created, maintained and stored in accordance with the standards outlined in the Records and Archival Management policy
•Institutionalize the Ministry’s change management plan (the MINISTRY/PCSC/OOP’s vision, mission, values; implement the ‘new’ organization structure; capacity building; communication on change management; ethics and business conduct; leadership training; and stakeholders/citizen involvement)
•Analysis of human capital risks in the MINISTRY/PCSC/OOP and develop risk mitigation strategies
•In collaboration with the other HR Analysts in the ministry, develop, manage and monitor the HR dashboard
•Charged with coordinating and facilitating the HRM section’s team building activities
•Generate adhoc reports and provide data in the form of analytics
•Participate in other responsibilities as required or assigned by the Head of HRM Section.

Qualification and Duties

•To perform human resource administrative work and provide data analytics of various human resource programs and initiatives
•To provide subject-matter training and support to staff on HR business processes and implement HR modules in line with the laid regulations
•To implement recommended actions on HR related compliance areas